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DS Ability (Yokohama)
4 March 2013

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Psalms 139:10
3 March 2013

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2 March 2013

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25 April 2012

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11 April 2012

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27 January 2012

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Can't Outrun the Sun
13 January 2012

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百体観音堂 IV
16 June 2011

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27 May 2011

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My Lunch Companion
12 May 2011

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わたらせ渓谷鐵道 IX
10 December 2010

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Back To Nature XX
14 July 2010

Recent Comments

Kotoba on My Lunch Companion
How wonderful : pic and caption ;)

Dumbass on Nineteen Twenty-Two
Those are the metric sizes of the two ends dumbass!

William Bolton on Psalms 139:10
Very nice. The little girl has a great expression, inscrutable but great. I like the Scripture reference, too.

Brian on Lunge
Nice one, Mike! I used to follow you and the crew on usenet when I was living in Saitama. Good to see that you are ...

Riccardo on Lunge
Hello Mike! I'm back!!

L'angevine on Lunge
oh que j'adore son enjambée et les couleurs aussi

John on "I Want You to Take My Funeral Portrait"
I have a fear I'll have an ugly pictures at my funeral. I've been Googling for stuff like "picture of me ...

omid on No. 38 Sada-Maru (Tokyo)
very nice shot with beautiful composition, colors, lighting & graphics! A M A Z I N G !

L'angevine on 足跡
oh que j'adore ces couleurs

omid on 足跡
wooooooooooooooow! very nice! very nice! such beautiful composition, colors, lighting & snowy atmosphere! L O V E L ...

Le Krop on 足跡
Très joli.

CLODO on 足跡
winter time in the city!

Moridi on 足跡
Very good capture. Superb.

Moridi on Cosco New York (Yokohama)
Very good capture. Superb.

Daryl Johnson on 所によって積もる
Looking good and wintery with you...

L'angevine on 所によって積もる
oh superbe cet effet

Moridi on 所によって積もる
Very good capture. Great shot.

omid on 所によって積もる
wooooow! It's a very nice shot with beautiful composition, colors, lighting & atmosphere! Lovely!

mary on Taxi Tuesdays XXVIII

Stu on 2011 Kozue no Kai Dance Recital XIV
Super shot.

Lorna Israel on Taxi Tuesdays XXVIII
very stylish and retro in an era of colors

Lorna Israel on Taxi Tuesdays XXVIII
very stylish and retro in an era of colors

Angus on Taxi Tuesdays XXVIII
Nice photo and dedication.

Jacques Brassard on Taxi Tuesdays XXVIII
Beautifull photo

Basile Pesso on Taxi Tuesdays XXVI

Basile Pesso on Taxi Tuesdays XXVII
Wonderful again.

Basile Pesso on Taxi Tuesdays XXVIII
Wonderful !

helys on Taxi Tuesdays XXVII
Woooooooooooow So beautiful Great DOF, symmetry, shape, tags, colors, light

L'angevine on Rural Cemetery VIII
bravo pour ce cadrage

L'angevine on 善雄寺 II
bravo pour cette mise au point

L'angevine on Yougenji Temple Cemetery I
bravo pour cette lumière

Angus on Taxi Tuesdays XXVI
The Orb, sans reflection. Happy Tuesday...

omid on Ice Cold Beer
Excellent! so beautiful frame, focus, colors, lights & snow! Amazing & lovely!

omid on Taxi Tuesdays XVIII
very nice! very nice!

omid on Taxi Tuesdays XXI
very nice! very nice series!

omid on Taxi Tuesdays XXII
very nice! so beautiful colors, lights & reflections! Amazing!

omid on Taxi Tuesdays XXIII
very nice! so beautiful frame, colors, lights & reflections!

David on Taxi Tuesdays XX
The green is fantastic, and I love the football shape. Beats NYC!

Thorfinn on Taxi Tuesdays XIX
I second Olivier P!

Olivier P on Taxi Tuesdays XIX
nicely graphic ! well done !

Ptck on Ice Cold Beer
Beau graphisme

David on Ice Cold Beer
Really nice image, especially on a very hot and humid 4th where I am.

Curly on Ice Cold Beer
Great image Mike, who needs fridges??

THIRD EYE BLIND on Ice Cold Beer

rem_la on Taxi Tuesdays XVII
joli reflet

Basile Pesso on Taxi Tuesdays XVI
Another excellent one...

Basile Pesso on Taxi Tuesdays XIV

Basile Pesso on Taxi Tuesdays XV
Each taxi photo here is wonderful. And each of my comments seem to go into the wind...

Basile Pesso on Taxi Tuesdays XIII
Another wonderful one.

Jacquot on Taxi Tuesdays XII
Favorite day of the week...

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